Top 5 Ways to Buy Bitcoin Instantly

You need bitcoins quick, so let’s get right into it. These are the easiest and fastest methods to getting bitcoin into your wallet.

1. Coinmama

Simply enter you credit card information and have bitcoin within minutes.


Simply make an account on
Then, find someone in you area with bitcoins or buy online using your preferred method of payment
Next, pick up your phone and call them.
Then, meet up with them.
(If you are worried about robbery have them meet you at the police station)

3. Bitcoin ATM
Go to
Find an ATM by you
Buy Bitcoins or other favorite digital currency

4. PayPal

5. Coinbase
Coinbase does have an instant bHy feature when you checkout with a debit card. There is a weekly instant buy limit that can cause problems, but overall coinbase is generally reliable despite moderate fees and other taxes.

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